As Pope Francis invited all the baptized around the world to journey together in a global listening process the Church has named, “Synod for a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation, and Mission;” Bishop Mark Brennan is eager to move forward at our local level.

What can parishes, schools, and Catholic communities do now?

The faithful are encouraged to be alert to their parish’s routine means of communication, such as bulletins, websites, social media pages, and emails, which will announce specific details about their local synod process.

Additionally, to give the faithful ample time for prayerful discernment, the following Synod questions among the ten categories that will be presented in the local listening sessions is being provided. Bishop Brennan echoes the Holy Father’s advice – in order to come into your local session prepared with open hearts, we must invite the Holy Spirit to guide all of us and our responses, so we are in sincere harmony to do what God calls us.